First and Second Years

Ice-Breaker Sessions

Our programme for First Years is an ideal way to start the new school year by allowing students to make new friends, to try exciting adventure activities and to get a positive introduction to languages. This First-Year option is also a great incentive for students at any stage throughout the school year and the language workshops are filled with fun & games to keep the students motivated. Many teachers take First-Year groups to Language & Adventure in the final term as a reward for students working well in class throughout the academic year.

‘Language classes were engaging and fun for students. Activities were very well organised by the staff and the students enjoyed all the activities provided. Safety & supervision is excellent. Warm, clean, comfortable accommodation. Excellent food with good variety for students. We have been coming here for 12 years now and the trip has become a tradition in the school.’

Teacher: Ms. C. Beirne School: Abbey Community College, Boyle, Co. Roscommon 1st Year French & German

Second Year Language Reinforcement

Our 2nd Year language courses provide an ideal opportunity for students to revise essential areas of study from 1st Year, before being introduced to Junior Certificate material. The emphasis is on fun in the classroom, with plenty of vocabulary building games. ‘Language & Adventure’ is a popular option for teachers wishing to encourage their 2nd Year students in their language acquisition and we often hear how the workshops really motivate students who may think that they can take their foot off the pedal a little the year before their Junior Certificate.

‘The students really enjoyed all the language classes and were happy to attend them. All activities were very enjoyable and varied. They challenged students to face fears to get involved. Safety and supervision is excellent. Food was excellent. The students enjoyed all the meals. Facilities are very good. We have been here on previous trips and hope to return again next year.’

Teacher: Ms. T. Carroll School: St. Paul’s Secondary School, Dublin 12 2nd Year French, German & Spanish

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