5th & 6th Year Programmes

Leaving Certificate Written Paper

We offer an intensive Leaving Cert. revision course for senior students covering the different sections of the Leaving Cert. written paper including:

  • Exam layout
  • Mark allocations per question
  • Sample answers
  • Exam technique
  • Students receive excellent revision notes on all areas of the exam including written production, vocabulary for aural and reading comprehension and some essential points of grammar.

Leaving Certificate Oral Weekend

The Leaving Certificate Oral Weekend is perhaps one of our most popular programmes to date. As it can be difficult to get out of class during the school week, the weekend option is a favourite amongst schools and students. (Please note that, as with all our tours, both mid-week and weekend options are available). Leaving Certificate students often comment on the fact that they thoroughly enjoy the chance to go on, what for most of them, is their final school tour before they leave school.

The fact that they also partake in various adventure sports also allows them to let off some steam during this stressful year. One of the things that students say again and again is the fact that they don’t feel ‘guilty’ about taking time out from study to come on a Language & Adventure tour, as they get so much work on their chosen language done. This is an excellent course and we aim to take the fear out of the oral exam. We also work extremely hard on building, not only their competence in speaking various languages, but also on their confidence and enthusiasm to do so.

Areas of study include:

  • Essential vocabulary to cover all areas of conversation
  • Review of tenses
  • Work on pronunciation
  • Sample questions on each topic
  • A look at how the exam is actually marked and what the examiners are looking for
  • Students also get plenty of practice speaking the language they are studying

‘This is a fantastic programme. The students thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the Leaving Certificate focused language classes. Thanks a million for including the extra grammar class. This is a perfect language programme for Leaving Certificate students. The activities gave the students a fantastic team building experience and there were so many highlights. Not one complaint all weekend. The qualified instructors and supervisors at all times gave the students the confidence to climb that extra step. Accommodation could not be better, rooms clean and warm. The staff were very helpful and the food is excellent – clean plates all round. I met Nicky at the F.T.A. Conference in November and we will definitely return every year.’

Teacher. Ms. A. Diver School: Gael-Choláiste Chill Dara, Kildare Leaving Certificate French

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