Activities & Safety

Donegal Adventure Centre is Ireland’s largest residential Outdoor Education Centre, and we specialise in working with young people between the ages of 8 and 18 years. We have been working with Nicky and Language & Adventure for over a decade and look forward to many more years of providing the “Adventure” part of their excellent programmes.

Our staff are trained specifically to ensure a safe and fun experience exploring the many activities we offer. Our location in Bundoran allows us to offer a great selection of land and water activities, and our Centre includes residential facilities for up to 120 guests, plus an on-centre restaurant, showers & changing rooms and shop.

Our activities are all suitable for beginners, and we can cater for varying levels of fitness. Our instructors are experienced and highly skilled in working with teenagers.

We invite you to browse our selection of activities, for day trips and overnight stays. We are happy to assist you with a pre-visit meeting at your school or club, booking procedures, parental consent paperwork and arranging transport to and from the Centre.

We can put together programmes to suit your budget, and we have great discounts and offers throughout the year for all youth groups. Hundreds of schools, scout & guide groups, sports clubs and youth associations visit Donegal Adventure Centre every year, and consistently praise the Centre for the excellent staff and the positive and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Whether you are planning a day out, a residential trip or a schools project, give us a call. We guarantee that you will love our attitude to working with groups here, and you will be sure of high standards of safety, supervision, care and attention to the students’ needs. Our staff are trained specifically to ensure a safe and fun experience exploring the many activities we offer. All our staff are fully qualified in their disciplines and we do not exceed our safety ratios.

All participants under 18 years will receive a parental-consent form, outlining the risks involved in outdoor pursuits, what to bring, and our policy on behaviour and conduct.

Problems are very rare as our enthusiastic and firm-but-fair management of teenagers is popular and successful. Bumps and bruises do happen; such is the nature of all outdoor sports.  All staff are fully qualified in first aid. There is a medical practice in Bundoran and Sligo hospital is 25 minutes from the Adventure Centre.

Our job here is to encourage the reluctant to try, to get the eager to improve and to make sure that everyone gets to experience the joy, camaraderie and self esteem that can be gained from outdoor pursuits.

Above all else, safety is paramount. We are fully insured, have full public liability and always aim to provide the safest standard of activities we can without taking away from the enjoyment of the sports.

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