Schools in Northern Ireland

Key Stage 3 Language Programme

Programmes covering essential topics of vocabulary and grammar through the medium of fun to ensure that students have a positive learning experience. Language & Adventure tours are a fantastic way to ensure that students are enthused and motivated in their acquisition of languages.

Areas of study include:

  • Vocabulary building
  • Areas of grammar
  • Skills for reading and writing
  • Aural work
  • Oral practice

G.C.S.E Revision Programmes for Years 11 & 12

A programme with excellent revision notes covering essential areas of the course. This is an excellent opportunity for students to consolidate material in preparation of their exam.

Areas of study include:

  • Vocabulary Building
  • Written Production
  • Review of key grammatical points
  • Reading & Aural Comprehension
  • Practice to improve competency & confidence in speaking foreign languages

Intensive Workshops for 6th Form Students

Excellent revision courses to assist students in preparation of their AS & A Level Exams.

Our Intensive Language Workshops for 6th Form students provide the perfect balance between targeted work and plenty of fun for students. Many senior students often comment on the fact that they thoroughly enjoy the chance to go on, what for most of them, is their final school tour before they leave school.

The fact that they also partake in various adventure sports also allows them to let off some steam during this stressful year. One of the things that exam students say again and again is the fact that they don’t feel ‘guilty’ about taking time out from study to come on a Language & Adventure tour, as they get so much work on their chosen language done.

This is an excellent course and we work extremely hard on building, not only their competence in the four different skills involved in language learning, but also on their confidence and enthusiasm to do so.

Areas of study include:

  • Review of grammar
  • Written production
  • Reading & aural comprehension
  • Skills to develop oral competency

Please note that as with all our language course options, teachers can avail or either mid-week or weekend programmes.

The classes were excellent. The students thoroughly enjoyed them and learned a lot. Activities were varied and exciting and staff are professional. Safety & supervision are outstanding with some of the best supervisors I’ve seen. Staff are great with the students and extremely courteous. Accommodation is clean, comfortable and extremely well staffed. This tour was recommended to me by another school and I will definitely return. Thanks to all involved for an amazing trip!
D. Kelpie  St. Patrick’s College, Dungiven

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