Primary Schools

A positive and fun start to modern languages

Prepare your classes for the next level and give them a positive and fun start to modern languages at ‘Language & Adventure’.

At ‘Language & Adventure’, we believe that the early introduction of a child to a new language allows them to more naturally absorb further tuition in language.

  • This is a fun-filled introductory course for primary school children designed to give them a head start before they enter secondary level. Our programmes reinforce the importance of modern languages and our combination of tuition and adventure sports ensures that students are enthused and motivated at all times.
  • A perfect introduction to languages for kids with the emphasis on fun & games in the class.
  • Pupils start by learning lots of interesting facts about the country, such as population, customs, climate, geography etc. They then move on to some basic topics of vocabulary such as numbers, colours, days & months, animals, alphabet etc. We teach through the medium of fun and language workshops are filled with quizzes and games
  • All language notes and workshop materials are supplied.
  • After lunch, pupils take part in fantastic adventure activities – surfing, team building, high ropes climbing and lots more! All equipment and instruction supplied.
  • Fully insured accommodation & activities.
  • Available all-year round.
  • Full assistance with transport, parent consent forms and pre-trip arrangements.


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